About Us


Conus Investments Pvt. Ltd (C-403/2004) was formed with an aim to provide goods and services to global markets conveniently, at reasonable prices. We market and supply a wide range of products from ice for cold chain management, packaging material, construction materials, safety wear, Eco friendly cleaning and waterproofing solutions for masonry, wood.

Registered in Maldives as a private limited company, we are headquartered in the capital Male’. Our goal is to provide our clients with the ability to make informed choices about our products through the use of modern technology.


  • Murthala Mohamed Didi
  • Asma Mohamed
  • Mohamed Ghaly Murthala
  • Ahmed Thoamy Murthala


  • Wholesale supply of goods
  • Shipping & freight forwarding services
  • Product sourcing and consolidating services.

We distribute

  • Thermarite preminum ice
  • Safety wear products
  • Eco friendly waterproofing and cleaning products

We are the sole distributor for

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