Household Items

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil is an excellent solution for wrapping sandwiches, covering bowls and containers with lost lids, wrapping all sizes of vegetables for the refrigerator, or reheating pizza in oven or toaster oven. Heavy duty aluminium foil is better for wrapping meats and poultry for the freezer, lining roasting pans for easy cleanup, lining the inside […]

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3 Second Thermos Flask

3 Second Thermos Flask SEERS Thermos Flask uses core “Nanocrystal Tube” non-metallic hydro isolation water heating technology. Instant pre-boil water supplied by Nano-tube is continuously available within 2-5 seconds as and when is required. Through sterilization during instantaneous heating process, SEERS Thermos Flask overcome traditional hot water dispensers which have disadvantages such as low water […]

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