Packaging & Industrial Products

Weighing Scales

Weighing Scale

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Hand Pallet Truck


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Duct tape

Duct tape images

We supply all kinds of packaging tapes (printed and non-print) for all industries.

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PET Strapping Bands


We offer strapping bands ranging from 5mm to 32mm in width. The main features of our strapping bands are: exceptional tensile strength; excellent straightness; water resistance with no reduction in performance; suitable for all auto-banding machines; and utilization of 1mm thickness core for ease of disposal and environmentally friendly. Today, PET strapping band is being […]

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SUPASORB (Absorbent)


For those of you who are in the supermarket business and poultry processing, the need for your products to be presented ‘fresh and hygienic’ during its shelf-life, is a critical requirement for product appeal. The existing method of over-wrapping for displays on supermarket shelves and other retail outlets is grossly inadequate and laboriously inefficient- Products […]

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Foam Boxes

Foam Box

Foam boxes for packaging industry.

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