Textured Protective Coating

Brand:  PYE

Product code: DEHI

Colour: Off-white

Packing: 8kg, 25kg

Coverage: 0.4-0.5 m²/litre


Acrylic latex multi-textured finish, which is used as a protective and decorative coating for internal and external wall and ceiling surfaces. It contains a powerful biocide to inhibit mould and fungus growth. It is ready to use and can be applied using profiled rollers to give a wide range of texture patterns or trowelled direct onto uneven and irregular surfaces.

  • Can be used on all painted concrete and masonry surfaces such as ceiling, foyer, corridors
  • For all unpainted surfaces such as stairwell, halls etc.
  • To hide cracks, irregularities, gaps, joints etc between plasterboard or cemboard, fairfaced brick.


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